What this is all about….

This blog is meant to be a place for me to grow my ideas and interpretations of the different faces of human development and agriculture from small to global.  My main interest is how and why people the world over gather up their spare moments and dedicate them, as a community, to solving the problems that life sets before them.

This social problem solving phenomenon is most visible to me in the context of technology adoption, specifically agricultural technology and cultural practices.  I feel that as a skill, societies of the world would be best served by cultivating in their youth the capacity to collaboratively identify problems and then systematically dedicate resources to remedy them.

Since journeys rarely seem direct while underway, I don’t claim that my path is a straight one and make no guarantees about the focus or order of my pieces here.

This blog will be a lot about food, youth and technology at local and global scales and a little about “international development” and the geopolitics in between.

With all of that said, I look forward to any comments or insights along the way.



About ERay

Capoeirista, Gardener, and Development Practitioner but a cowboy way down deep.
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