The alfalfa and clover mix that I planted in the swale are off to a good start. The seeds on the bottom and inside the swale are coming up better, but the mulch seems to have kept the soil moist enough to give most of them a fighting chance.

Young Alfalfa and Clover under straw mulch

The little winter garden is up and growing. I think I may have put in some of them a little early, but I had my first meal with chard, salad and chives out of my garden last week.

Bring it on Winter!

I’m thinking about putting in some more space for veggies and maybe a cold frame made out of some hay bales and some plexi-glass left over from some old screen doors.

Here’s the garden:

Happy Weekend!



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Capoeirista, Gardener, and Development Practitioner but a cowboy way down deep.
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