“A Kindred Spirit and Partner in the Cause!” or “Nate Hale’s New Album: Seasons”

Today I want to write about the delightful connections, often invisible or just beneath the surface, that push and tug our world into mystery and fascinating change.

Permaculture is many things to me. Of those things, often it is a tutor. On the path to understanding permaculture design, I am  constantly called to understand more than one facet of plants, people or society that I used to think were far less complex. My experience with my good friend Nathan Hale is no exception, so today I break from the agriculture side of permaculture to talk a little bit about the flourishing creative side of permaculture and how my friend uses his talents to move his passion to build healthy communities forward.

Today after countless hours scratching words down onto blank paper and teasing melodies from his head through impassive instruments, he released his first full length album.  He shared the album with me and my thoughts on it are below, but I would like to say something more about the beauty and alchemy I see in his ability to transmute good music into happier, healthier people.  Understanding what he’s doing at the conceptual level is just like understanding that I grow some plants for what they give to the soil, not just for a crop that I can harvest. It’s just a celebration of the interconnectedness of so many things and how those connections can be shaped by our intentions.

So here’s to Nate and His Alchemy!


New Album “Seasons” by Nate Hale

Right out of the gate, you feel Nate’s appreciation for and skill with a Jack Johnson-styled tropical beat that he spins together with unique instrumentals and a smooth, clear tenor. The similarities to Johnson fade from homage into influence after the first track and the album really hits its stride with the insightful and sometimes cutting lyrics wrapped up in disarmingly mellow melodies.

Somewhere in between the easy sunny Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and a banjo soul of “Wake up” and the immersing sense of a lost love’s memory marching into the the past in “What Drew Me to You”, Hale’s narrative digs in with a truth and everyday wisdom told with candor in almost naive tones that make it that much more real.

I’m also a sucker for a banjo, vocals that are clear and bright and a style of poetry original enough to cut through cynicism and show me things in a new light.  I enjoyed the album, will enjoy it again and again, and the proceeds all go to building organic farms and feeding people. Check it out. Feel good.



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