4 days without water…no more people.

Energy and Permaculture: Correspondence from Oklahoma

Thus far we have covered Energy in general, which is one major input to industrial agriculture.  This post will cover another major input, water.  Plants need water to grow.  Humans and livestock need water to drink.  Whole ecosystems need adequate water for their purposes.  What happens if drought forces a scarcity of fresh water?  We are in the beginning stages of finding out the answer to this question, as climate change threatens increases in severe weather, desertification, and pro-longed drought.

California right now is in a state of severe drought, potentially the worst drought in 500 years, according to at least one professor.   California grows 25% of the country’s food, including more than half of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables in the United States.  Agriculture uses 80% of water in the state.  Livestock farmers are among the hardest hit by the drought.  Not only do they…

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