He Aint Heavy, Unless He’s Clay: Know Thy Soil

Know thy Soil!

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SoilTypes1 The type of soil in your landscape largely determines how often you should water.  

Each soil type has its pros and cons.  For example, while Clay soil retains so much wonderful organic matter, it is really dense and therefore difficult for water to move through.  How do I know this?  Because in Oregon, where I spent my childhood and lived for most of my adult life, I had clay soil, and now, although I moved over 600 miles away to another state, I find myself with clay soil again.  Clay and I go way, way back.


soil type

Clay.  Clay has small particles, so clay soils become compacted, and that restricts the movement of water through them.  Because the water does not drain well in clay soil, it holds more moisture than any other type soil.  Clay absorbs water slowly as well.  Infiltration is the rate at which…

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