Zea Mays #3: Planting Hopi Corn Where No Corn Has Grown Before (12 Inches Deep!)

I love this blog. Such detail about a great topic. Horti-history makes me swoon a bit. Carry on!

Colorado Plateau Gardening & Horticulture

hopi white flour The Hopi are known to have the most longstanding progressive agricultural history in the Southwest, and possibly, the country. Historically, a little north of where the Hopi Reservation is today, the descendents of Hopi lived in well carved canyons that allowed them to live in dry spots and cliff dwellings while making use of the tillable land at the bottom of the canyons, also located near springs. (Something that would have come in handy during a drought that didn’t end until 1299 AD.) The corn that the Hopi cultivated over time have been able to thrive doing one thing that other corn cannot: be planted a foot deep.

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