We’re Moving to Agricrafty.com!

Hi Everyone!

The last few years have a been a great time and I have enjoyed sharing a little window into my life here and there. I hope you have gotten something from my writings, whether entertainment, new ideas about agriculture, or both!

With that in mind, I’m continuing to grow my site and have moved over to AgriCrafty.com, where I will be able to share an even wider variety of content, including more video and more in depth How-To’s on the crops and agriculture techniques that I dear. I will also continue to share the occasional ill-advised experiment and tinkering session gone wrong, for those of you with the curious darker humor…I know you’re out there!

The backbone of the new site is the detailed gardening curriculum that I’m building in, so if you are interested in starting gardening from scratch or digging deeper into what you already know, come join me at agricrafty.com/gardening-basics!

And, of course, I will continue to share the images from my gardening adventures on my new site, so if you want to see what’s to come, please subscribe for email updates about new posts on the front page at AgriCrafty.com!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me and I look forward to more good years to come!

Keep Growing!
E.Ray Gard
Writer/Creator at Agricrafty.com



About ERay

Gardener, Educator and Designer, but a Cowboy way down deep. When I'm not covered in dirt and bits of vegetables, I'm learning to play the fiddle, training capoeira or BJJ, or working on my scifi novel or busy being the creator behind https://agricrafty.com. I grew up on a ranch and farm in New Mexico and have stayed in agriculture my whole life. I started teaching gardening as a bright-eyed Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador after college and I've been sharing agriculture as a way to help people improve their health, environment and quality of life ever since. Since then, I've studied permaculture, holistic management and more recently the Regrarian's design platform as ways to be a better student of and partner with the land. I believe deeply that nurturing a piece of land makes us better dreamers, warriors, lovers and human beings in general.
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