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Embracing Fall: A Season of Change

Hello Gardeners, Pumpkins piled high and brilliant leaves singing their bright song in a last hoorah before going to sleep for the winter are showing up on doorsteps, a blog or two and in the backs of our minds as the … Continue reading

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A Glacial Sheet Mulch! Like the Ice Age, but cardboard and straw!

I finally made my new garden bed with a cozy Sheet Mulch! Before: And After: Since I moved into my new community garden plot last fall, I have been trying to scrounge, gather, or acquire,  by mostly legal means, the … Continue reading

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What Your Garden Says: Part 3 “The Vampire” and other Garden Characters

My previous posts about just what your garden tells the world about your habits and the deeper underpinnings of your psyche have sparked some very entertaining comments (lookin’ at you, Lizard100). This brought to my attention something that every community … Continue reading

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What? To warm already Mr. Bokchoi? #permaculture #gardenchat

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Guts left, seeds right! #Gardenchat #permaculture #heirloomseeds

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All about the Carbon: Biochar

Thoughts on this article from Treehugger: : “Does Biochar live up to the hype?” If you haven’t heard, Biochar is the charcoal that results from burning cellulose like woods or other plant stalk materials in an environment without Oxygen. This … Continue reading

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Baby Malabar! Recipes anyone? w/ @yasiscap #permaculture #Gardenchat

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